Styles I Love but Would Never Try

Hey Peeps! So I have this thing that I do, where I see a style in a magazine or tv, and I fall in love. Then what happens is I go out, spend outrageous amounts of money on said styles, and then never ever wear them. Why would I do that? Well because I feel like I can’t pull it off. For example – I have bought an inexorbinant amount of hats. I don’t wear hats. I never have been able to pull of hats. I just continue to try and continue to fail. So here’s the plan: Below I’m going to list all the different styles that I love and have been to chicken to actually wear, and this summer I’m going to WEAR THEM ALL! I will update you, when I do them and show you just how I managed to pull them off (if I do)! So Away We Go:

  1. Lace-Ups/Summer Boots – So I know that those are kind of two different things, but I’m going to put them into one all-encompasing category because I haven’t ever worn either! Now when I say “Lace-Ups” that can mean really any shoes with laces that are NOT running shoes. So whether it be oxfords, motorboots, or something else! I am going to rock ‘em!
  2. Quirky Print – As a quirky person, you’d think I’d have mastered this one to a T. No, I’m not ashamed of the weird person that I undoubtably am, but that does not mean that I like to project it all over the place (Oh wait, isn’t that what I’m doing here?). Nonetheless, I have never had the bravery to wear a truly quirky print, but that is seriously going to change! I have my eye on a cat print dress ;)
  3. Bright Colored Pants – Oh now I love Lauren Conrad’s tangerine pants! Its legitimately been a goal of mine to pull of red pants, so here we go! I will be doing this, not quite sure the color just yet, but expect me to look rainbow bright!
  4. Shorts & Heels – See, now up until this point in my life, I was not a fan of this style, I downright thought it was weird. But as I’ve grown older, and as I’ve learned how fantastic heels make my legs look, I have begun to really love this combo. It quite possibly might be the best combination since pb was paired with j.
  5. Romper – I love Love LOVE rompers! I don’t have the body type to actually pull this off, it tends to make me feel and look chunky, but that won’t stop me from trying.
  6. Maxi Anything – Here I put a maxi skirt, but a maxi dress will work too! The thing about these are I love them, but they tend to swallow me since I’m short, but no more! I will find a way to make this work even if its lady gaga-ish heels.
  7. Finally, Blazers! – I love a good blazer, they are just so polished and fun, but they can still be casual enough to wear in an everyday setting! Love them! So perfect! Gotta get myself one!

Excited to start! Challenge Accepted! Wish Me Luck!

XO Becca Maria

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