DIY Toms Sandals!

Hello! I have missed you the past week! I have been unable to blog because I was moving and it took me the whole week to pack up my studio, however I am back and back to stay!! So I was browsing on Pinterest’s Crafts/DIY tab and saw these DIY toms and I loved the idea! I have had this pair of red Toms that are old and worn and I never wear them, and even though the summer is almost over (boo) I still need some awesome sandals! So here it is – DIY Toms Sandals!

I didn’t take pictures as I was doing it, because, frankly, I was watching the season finale of Bachelorette (2 weeks late, I know) while I was doing it but it was super simple so you shouldn’t need more than this detailed list of steps and good pictures of the end product!

Things Needed for this DIY:

  • an old pair of TOMS
  • a seam ripper
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pencil

Step 1 – Take your toms and draw lightly in pencil where you’d like to make the cuts, I recommend drawing the lines leaving wide sides around the actual seams of the shoe.

Step 2 – Pick up your seam ripper and make a small incision along one of the lines, long enough so that you can fit your scissors into the hole.

Step 3 – Use your scissors to cut around the rest of the lines. You do not want to use the seam ripper for all of it because it is very hard to be precise when cutting the fabric with it (I learned that the hard way)

Step 4 – Work your way around the shoe and leave the seams, and heavy parts of the fabric on the shoe for support, as well as let them last longer!

Step 5 – Enjoy your new pair of sandals!!

Now for some pictures -

Top View


Back TOMS Logo


Hope that you enjoyed this DIY! And I hope that you enjoy your new sandals (I know I do!)! XO – B.

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