Fashion Inspired By…

SHARK WEEK! #ChompDown!

If any of you have read my “About Me”, you’ll know that I am absolutely terrified by sharks! But even I cannot deny that they are some of the most epic, magestic animals on our planet! They are just so awesome! So it premiered tonight and I watched Air Jaws Apocalypse, and while I was watching them jump out of the water and sink their teeth into fake seals I suddenly became wildly inspired! I mean, sharks (despite their creepy eyes!) are such beautiful creatures! I am fascinated by them! So here it is: Some fashion inspired by Shark Week!

Casual -

Jeans $200, Shirt, Boots $169, Shark Tooth Necklace $625

This outfit, I really like! The colors I tried to keep with the grey/white/black colors of an actual shark and I really loved finding the shirt that says “Don’t Go With the Flow”! It was a great find, since sharks don’t just go with the current, but swim at lightning fast speed to attack their prey! The boots are covered with spikes, almost like their few rows of teeth perhaps…and an actual shark tooth necklace! I added a fishtail braid, and light blue nail polish to more symbolize the ocean! I love this outfit, I would really wear it!

Dressy -

Dress $89, Leather Jacket $89, Shoe $620, Necklace $315

I love this too! Ahhh the dress is adorable and the leather jacket gives it more of a badass edge to a otherwise sweet look! The shoes are classy, but the cutout makes them more modern, and I loved adding the red nailpolish for blood in the water. I also added the smokey eye (sported here on Troian Bellisario) to add to the mystery of sharks, since they sure are mysterious creatures hiding out in the shaddows of the ocean! What else can I say? Sharks are awesome!

So there it is guys! Enjoy and why not #ChompDown on some fashion! XO – B.

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