Is it Springtime Yet?

I’m sick of winter. I’m usually the first girl to get peppy and excited over the first snow and the first frost of the season. I love cold and I love my usual sweater/boot combo! However, its been going on way too long and it is time for warmth and spring and sundresses!

So just to get you all as excited as I am for spring and summer, I decided to do a little post on updating your beauty products from winter woes to summer fun!

  • Foundation – foundation is nice, it’s a great base, but you don’t want all that weight on your face in the summer! You gotta leave your pores with room to breathe! Try switching to a Liquid Moisturizer!
  • Powder Blush – this one is easy, switch to a Cream Blush!
  • Lined Eyes – trade your liquid liner and other pencils, switch to a Lengthening Mascara to make your eyes really POP!
  • Matte Lips – trade in your lipstick and go for more glossy lips! Invest in a nice Lip Gloss, so your lips don’t get sticky but rather just with shine!
  • Dark Nail Polish – it’s gonna be spring soon after all! Trade up for a coral or other bright color!

There it is! That simple! Just short, simple, and sweet! The perfect transition for your make up back for the upcoming summer months!

Let’s all pray for warm weather! XO – B.

A Lost Gesture: The Thank You Note

Hey Guys!

So I was just blessed enough to be invited to join my boyfriend’s family on vacation to Florida this spring break! As if I didn’t thank them enough during the trip (because I did just about 5 minutes), as soon as I returned home, I sent them a thank you note! Whether you were just invited on vacation with someone, had a job interview, or just received a gift, a thank you note is always the right move, and you know what? It’s a lost gesture!

Thank You Notes

So here’s some tips on writing a great thank you note:

  1. Don’t Skimp on the Stationary – when you’re sending a thank you note to someone, you want it to look nice so that they don’t think that the gesture is empty. Get a nice box of thank you cards, it’s not like you won’t use them ever so why not splurge a little on nice stationary!
  2. Make Them Feel Appreciated - it’s good to include mentioning how much you appreciated whatever the person did for you; whether that’s being included in their trip or taking time to interview you. Don’t just say “thank you”, say that you appreciate what they did for you and that you were happy to be getting to know them better.
  3. Get Personal – mention a specific detail that you enjoyed about your trip or interview, recently I had an interview for instance and through talking we discovered we had the same birthday so that sort of thing.
  4. Don’t Get Too Personal – however, you don’t want to come in sounding too eager or personal, because that can come off in the wrong way and you don’t want to scare off possible future in-laws or a future employer.

It’s that easy and whomever you send it to will really appreciate that you took the time to hand-write them something to show your gratitude!

Happy Note Writing! XO – B.

Teeth Whitening Trick!

Helloo Everybody!

So I just got back from a very wonderful, fun trip to Florida and man do I miss the sun!

I had been preparing myself for this trip in a multitude of ways – getting new spring/summer clothes, trying to perfect my skincare routine to prevent messy breakouts, and lastly whitening my teeth! I knew I’d be taking a lot of pictures on this trip, and I definitely did so I was glad I did the proper prep for my trip! So since I was so successful in getting my teeth sparkling within the two weeks I was treating them, I thought I would share my trade secret!

Here’s what you do: take about a half a teaspoon amount of toothpaste and put it into a small cup. Next, mix in one teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, and last a half-teaspoon of water. Thoroughly mix those together and then brush your teeth with the mixture for two minutes. Do it once a week until you get the color you want, then switch to once a month to maintain!

Beware: the mixture does NOT taste good, it was sometimes hard to get through the full two minutes, but it’s totally worth it!

Hope this helps all of my lovely readers and anyone else who stumbles upon it! Good luck whitening! XO – B.

13.1 Miles

13.1 miles is pretty far. Maybe not by horseback, or car, or even bike; however, 13.1 miles is a long way to run. Especially, if you’re like me and you are not a runner.

I have a friend named Kaitlin who is a type one diabetic, and she and her fiancé ran the Pittsburgh Marathon last year. They didn’t plan on running it this year until Kaitlin was looking at the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) website at new treatments and research when she found a way that JDRF would sponsor a runner for the Pittsburgh Marathon, if he/she raised a certain amount of money for the foundation! So you (the runner) are running for a cause! Kait and her fiancé signed up for it, and a little over an hour later, so had myself and my roommate.

Woo! I’m running a half marathon! …Uh-Oh I’m running a half marathon…

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions since the fact, especially since running 3 miles is a bit of a rough time for me, the thought of running for over 2 hours, is insane. So here’s what I have to do: give myself a training regime. Sorta.

Here are the rules:

  1. I will only drink water, aside from 1 cup of coffee per day.
  2. For one meal per day, I must eat one salad as the main coarse.
  3. I must, must, MUST run at least 3 miles twice a week all of February,
  4. Then, starting in March, I must add and additional long-run of 8 miles + every week, on top of the other 3 mile runs.

Four simple rules, I can totally do it! If you are just trying to get in shape or train for a half marathon, I recommend you do the same! Honestly though, just setting small goals and small rules can help a ton with getting in shape, or really anything like getting a new job, or holding onto a new years resolution!

Please pray for me and my body as I embark on this! Send good vibes and positive energy! Really anything you can! And if you are interested in donating to the cause, and sponsoring my personal run, write it in the comments and I will personally direct you to where you can donate! Every little bit helps! XO – B.

Pretty Hurts

Something happened at lunch with my boyfriend’s friends the other day that has been on my mind now for a few days.

One of his friends, trying to be nice referred to me as a “hard 7, or soft 8″ and I was taken aback. The numbers weren’t bad, in fact I think that is a good grading considering the scale and I have never considered myself incredibly beautiful, merely cute and I have always liked that. What made me taken aback was the fact that people still use numbers to actually place our looks on a scale.

I don’t know why that made me so surprised, it’s not so long ago that I did the same thing with guys in my high school yearbook, but I’ve grown so much since high school that I would never think to put someone on a scale.

The idea of being beautiful has turned into such a disease, plaguing our culture. Our waist needs to be smaller, our boobs need to be bigger, our lips full, our nose small and button-shaped, our eyes need to be the size of a bush-baby’s. It’s an impossible standard. There is literally no one in the world who is the ideal of perfection, that is all perception.

So I am calling out to everyone in this world, female or male, and asking for us to band together and not use numbers or put down people because they are not your idea of beauty, because beauty is subjective and it’s not your place or job to tell others to change the way they look. If your a guy and you’re scrawny or big-boned, don’t sweat it! As long as your healthy and like yourself then who the heck cares? If you look like a woman, good! Own it and look like a real woman!

Besides, we all knew Barbie and Ken had work done. XO – B.

2014 Beauty Resolution

Yes, I’m aware that I am a week late for resolutions, but oh well, I spent that week mostly sleeping so I feel like that’s a good excuse. Because what girl doesn’t need her beauty sleep? I just needed a lot of it.

So here’s how my new years resolutions go: New Years Eve I spend all evening talking to everyone around me about how resolutions are so dumb because no one ever follows them, including me. Midnight, I make a hundred resolutions anyways (usually involving getting a slamming bod). 3 weeks later, I’m sitting in my gym clothes, crying, and eating a chocolate cake alone. Ok that’s an over exaggeration, but you get it. My resolutions just never work out, much like me.

So this year, I am doing something a little different. One resolution, something I should do anyways and that is: take my makeup off every night and clean my face.

I’m sure you all are a little repulsed by me now, and let me correct myself a bit: I usually do this, but there are always those nights where I get in late and all I want to do is sleep so I just collapse on my bed, and the next morning I always regret it. So those nights will no longer happen in 2014. In 2015 I’ll actually start flossing.

So I went trolling the internet, and in the magical world of Pinterest, I found this neat little how-to when it comes to washing your face properly! I buy the Neutrogena make-up removing wipes so that’s always been super simple for me, however this pictograph just showed me how I can be improving on keeping my skin fresh and clean, originally posted by Health Center


What are your beauty resolutions for this year? Find the perfect foundation? Be more creative with lip colors? Let me know in comments! Happy New (Late) Year! XO – B.

DIY Oatmeal Bath Soak

I am feeling very beautiful today, and I think it’s because of all the long nights of beauty sleep and pampering baths! Tomorrow I have a big date, so I wanted to pamper myself a little extra today and look extra pretty tomorrow! How did I do that? I took a glorious bath that I found online: DIY Oatmeal Bath Soak.

Now the person who originally created this blogged that they were sick and just needed to relax, so I didn’t really know what it did, so I went into research mode and looked up every last ingredient to find out what it did for me! So here we are, here’s what you need:

  1. Rolled Oats (Oatmeal) – 1 CUP Oatmeal has a couple of benefits when it comes to a soak; it fights dryness (which is awesome for this winter season!) and moisturizes your skin because the oats are filled with healthy, lubricating fats. It also cleanses the pores, because oats are filled with natural cleansers that gently remove dirt and oil from the pores.
  2. Baking Soda – 1/2 CUP Softens the water, which is why it is in most DIY soaks.
  3. Cinnamon – Softens and moisturizes the skin, as it gets rid of dead skin cells and restore shine and softness in your skin.
  4. Vanilla Extract - 1 TBSP Historically, vanilla was used as a wound healing, nowadays it is a great antioxidant, antibacterial, and source of necessary vitamin B which is a key nutrient in skin health.
  5. Almond Extract – 1 TBSP Almond extract has moisturizing and anti-aging properties for your skin, and it is also a rich source of Vitamins A, B and E which are great and necessary for your skin’s health.
  6. Epsom Salt (Optional) – 2 CUP Draws out toxins from your body and relieves bloat, I like to use it.

All you do is put all the ingredients into a blender or food processor and mix them until a fine powder is made and then that should be good for 3-4 baths! It leaves the skin soft and smooth! I love it!

I hope you enjoy yourself! Never be afraid to treat yourself a little or a lot like me! Happy days! Don’t forget the umbrella drinks! XO – B.

Online Dating Diaries: Failures

I am deeply sorry, my faithful readers, but I failed you when it comes to exploring the trials and turbulence of online dating.

I created my profile, browsed, looked at messages guys left me and ignored every single on of them. By October, I was dating a close friend of mine whom I met at Ultimate Frisbee. I was looking over all my past posts, doing a bit of pruning on what was important and what I shouldn’t have posted in the first place, and I was reading the Online Dating posts (which can be found here and here) and I realized how I failed you all in my adventure to find love online, or at least find a could funny stories about the crazies I met along the way. It was going to be great, I was excited about it and then something even crazier happened: I fell in love with someone who was unexpected and right under my nose the whole time.

Which brings me to an idea that I think people everywhere should start to adopt: I don’t believe in the “friend-zone”, I think that it is a made-up place that people used as an excuse when they didn’t want to give someone a chance and didn’t want to hurt them by saying it was because of something else. I never believed in the friend-zone. When one of my closest friends told me that he was “in love” with me last summer, I didn’t say no right away – I prayed about it and thought a lot about it and decided that that wasn’t right, and since then he has found love with someone perfect for him.

Robb*, my current boyfriend, was originally a close friend. A sophomore, named Robb (like my brother and brother-in-law) I had written him off as someone who I wouldn’t be dating. So we got close, and there was a inherent magnetism between us that many would have written off and denied, but we did not. After finally accepting, we jumped it, and risked our feelings, and it has turned out amazing so far. He makes me so happy and that just further proves that the “friend-zone” is a loud of bull crap, because I don’t think that we would have started on such an amazing high had we not started as close friends, and it also goes to show that all those stupid cliches about finding love when and where you’re least expecting it are very true. I didn’t see him coming, and I’m luckier for it.

So here we are: I’m sorry for failing you when it came to Online dating, but I hope you take my current love story and learn something about taking chances, and giving people chances. Sometimes dating friends doesn’t work, just look at ‘Forty Days of Dating’, but sometimes it turns into something beautiful!

Best wishes on all your love stories, present and future! XO – B.

*Robb is not his real name. No matter how much I wish I was dating Robb Stark from Game of Thrones. Just kidding, my boyfriend is better.

DIY Coconut Oil Bath Soak

Wow, I still can’t believe it is 2014, everyone! I’m gonna be writing “2013″ in date boxes until probably 2015. But one thing I love about being on winter break is that I have really gotten to pamper myself: I am taking, like, a bath a day, I got a haircut, I’m trying all sorts of new beauty products that I got for Christmas as well as a ton of DIY soaks and facials that I have wanted to try for months! So expect a good few of these recipes upcoming this week because that has legit been all I’ve been doing. Let’s start it off with one of my personal favorites to do in the winter for its ultra-moisturizing properties and that is my DIY Coconut Oil Bath Soak.

I originally got this recipe from my best friend growing up, and she is a genius at all this beauty stuff. 80% of our time together is talking about our products, our DIY products, and all that kind of stuff. So this one goes out to my beautiful bestie, Annabelle, who gifted us this recipe of hers! It’s pretty standard all you’re going to need is:

  1. 3 TBSP of Baking Soda
  2. 3 TBSP of Coarse Salt (the flaky kind not the crystals, I used Coarse Kosher Salt from Trader Joes)
  3. 1 TBSP of Coconut Oil (maybe a little less, depending on how moisturizing you want it)
  4. “Splash” of Vanilla Extract

All you do is pick a mug or small container (for all my soaks I make and mix them in an old candle holder and small mason jars) and mix all the ingredients together! It’s that simple. That much should be good for 2-4 baths, depending on how potent you want the bath (this week, I was feeling particularly dry with the snow storms happening so I used it in 2 baths, but it can last longer)

A little note about this : **VERY IMPORTANT** after soaking for 30 min – an hour, you need to shower off the excess coconut oil because it does leave a bit of a film on your skin. HOWEVER, to be safe, you should get out of the tub, and clean it before popping back in for the shower. Because when the coconut oil leaves a film on you, it also leaves it on the tub which can cause dangerous falls, so that step is very important. Bonus of that? It gives your skin a little extra time outside of the bath to absorb the coconut oil into your skin!

That’s it! Soo simple and it leaves your skin feeling soooo soft! I highly recommend it! I’ll include pictures for the rest of my posts on these sorts of things, but this one just didn’t last long enough for me to snap a pic! Enjoy! Stay safe in the snow! XO – B.

Where Were We?

Hello Old Friend

Well, its 2014 and my what a year 2013 was! Last I posted, I was starting my senior year of college, and now all I have is a semester left! My schedule was a million times more demanding than I had initially expected but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if it wasn’t the best semester of my college career.

I have been lost, sort of had this weird “Who Am I?” thing going this semester, and it brought me full circle right back to what I truly am meant to do and that is: Owning my own Yoga Studio. It’s gonna happen, just is whether its in 6 months when I graduate or 3 years or 10 years.

I also am now in a relationship, whether serious or not, is wonderful and makes me very happy. That’s all I’m gonna say about him.

I have done a lot of research, a lot of studying, and I cannot wait to share some of my findings with you! I am spending my lovely final winter break trying all different kinds of bath soaks and DIY facials and aaaalllll kinds of new things!

I can’t wait to share with you! Thanks for having me back! XO – B.